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beyond concerned October 17, 2014

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i have to be honest… this fiasco is almost unbelieveable. seriously CDC?! you have one job! you are disease control and the bearers of disease knowledge. for real. im not one for living in fear, but this goes on our list of reasons to homeschool and have a stay at home parent. i can think of 20 ways to impliment a quarintine and boundries just off the top of my head! apparently, our ideas of quarintine are quite different. i know your shady friends at the FDA often like to bend and stretch the regulations based on what company is paying. we are talking about a disease that could literally start a plague. A PLAGUE. im not a medical professional, however, i am a mother of small children who may or may not have the ability to fight off an erradicating disease like such. im beyond concerned. do not doubt the power of mothers banding together. i am not a lemming.


Sweater weather October 4, 2014

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Autumn, you are undoubtly my favorite. Chunky knits. Extra reasons for snuggles. Frozen nose kisses. Oh how fleeting this season is, giving way quickly to winter. I enjoy your company immensely, no matter how short your stay. Must be the New Englander in me.


Lets set the record straight… September 4, 2014

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  • Fruit cocktail, as well as other fruits canned in syrup, does not count as fruit. Why? For the same/less than amount of sugar and calories you could eat a snickers bar and (gasp!) a real piece of fruit. 
  • Juice cocktail is not actual juice. It may or may not contain real juice. As in, from real fruit. 
  • “Natural flavoring” could be almost anything. Undisclosed flavors…hmmm. Natural flavors may or may not be something tasty. Such as but not limited to, coal, hay, pond water, in-between-boob-sweat, ferrets, etc.
  • If breastfeeding offends you, im going to guess your own mother did not breastfeed you. I feel bad for your immune system. And also your IQ. 
  • Leggings are not pants. They are nice with a tunic or as pajamas. There will be an application process to wear them as pants. If you are then deemed fit to wear them, work it girlfriend! 
  • Drinking diet soda with all those chemical sweeteners isnt saving you any calories. Or the way your body processes those sugar replacements. 
  • Have anything to add? I will add to this rant list as necessary. lol

Review::Kids Relief allergy oral liquid July 31, 2014

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Kids relief asked me to review this banana flavored allergy oral liquid. Kids relief creates homeopathic solutions. Let me just tell you, for my littles, this actually surpassed the OTC conventional allergy medicine. There is NO battling to get them to take it. This is dye free, so even if it’s a battle with your children there won’t be any stained shirts. It comes with an attached measured dropper. (No losing the dropper that came with it!) This comes in a small plastic bottle, which for me means easy to carry in my purse pockets. Seems like the yuckies only come on when you are out and about and have a bajillion things left to do. I haven’t had any drowsiness in the littles after giving them kids relief. Major plus, because sick or not, my kids run like banshees sun up to sun down. They don’t appreciate feeling like a zombie. The age range reads 0-12 years. Say whaaaat? Hmm kids who are under the age range of normal medicine get reactions also?! What a concept! Since this is a homeopathic medicine you don’t have the same parameters. Overall, an EXCELLENT BUY! Worth every single penny and I will continue to purchase from kids relief and homeolabs!

You can find out more at 

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Knix Wear. Fashion. Function. Fit. June 13, 2014

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Did you see that? And by that I mean the gorgeous underwear. This gorgeous underwear is also, (sit down, ladies.) functional. I KNOW! I know. The sumptuous lace of those boy shorts rivals the finest Parisian boutiques. Seriously. And there’s more… Oh my word y’all. It has a gusset that contains confidence.

Knock, knock.

who is there?

Fresh Fix Technology.

  No moisture. No odor. No panty lines. To me, that means no more panty liners. No more choosing between comfortable and lines. Let’s be honest. How many pairs of underwear do we own? Now, how many do we actually wear? I’m guilty of owning a ridiculous amount but only wearing a percentage of them. Why is that? Some are cut well for our body shape and so comfortable. Some don’t show under our tightest yoga pants. And others indulge us in our naughty side.

You can have all that in one lovely panty.

For real? For real! The stretch is made for real women curves. Check out the Real Women In Knix page. None of those are photoshopped. That’s when you know a company is committed to being innovative. It’s time for an underwear revolution. Who is with me?






One. April 23, 2014

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You are one. Officially one. And I am…still very much living in the days before and of you. I refer to those memories frequently. Often to reassess myself. I am still very much “in the trenches” of my guilt. The foreshadowing I wrote about at week 30, is haunting. Yes, you are healthy. Yes, you have exceeded your full-term counterparts. Yes, you are developmentally on track. You are our miracle. You are happy. You smile a full, sparkle in the eyes smile. You are chubby and I LOVE EVERY ROLL. Happy birthday my sweet, sweet boy. I wanted to give you the beautiful birth every child deserves. I feel like I didnt hold up my end of the deal…



Choose love. March 13, 2014

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It’s easy to get lost in the day-to-day, tantrums, and mountains of laundry. It’s easy to say “please go play, my head aches…” It’s easy to get frustrated when you are still in yesterday’s yoga pants. What’s not easy is to be thankful. In that moment we are quick to sigh. Quick to ohmygosh again. In that moment it’s tough to remember the blessing of little feet pitter-patting down the hall, chasing the dog and the cat. 

I am thankful for my mountain of needing to be folded, still in the basket, laundry. It means my babies were with me another day in paradise. (Also known as the house.) 

I am thankful for babies who want to always play. Even though Mama is pretty useless when a migraine strikes.

I am thankful for days so full, I wake in the middle of the night and realize I’m still in yesterday’s yoga pants.

I am thankful. 

choose to be thankful. These blessings I call my babies, are not a blessing everyone receives. No one is guaranteed joyful morning snuggles or the smell of sweet, oh so sweet milk breath.

In the moment of “child meltdown number six and it’s only ten am..” It is easy to throw our hands in the air. Please choose to be grateful. There are those that would surrender everything to have five more minutes with their blessing(s). What you choose matters. Choose to cherish each babe. Breathe in their sweet scent. Stroke their peach fuzz heads. Tell them you love them unconditionally. Choose love.





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