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Suffering from a chocolate attack. August 5, 2015

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I am currently suffering a chocolate attack. Thats what we call it in our house when you cant think of One. Single. Thing. Except. Chocolate.

Are you still with me on this journey of suffering?

So I began looking for recipes for chocolate bakes with limited ingredients.
(Pinterest, of course.)

I found what is called “wacky cake” or “crazy cake” or even “depression cake”.

This is the recipe I used.

Repeat after me…
Chocolate cake. Easy chocolate cake. Rediculously simple chocolate cake. I will now go bake my own.


Laundry treasure hunt. April 23, 2015

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Laundry is a constant and never ceasing battle in a house with children. It also seems to be a never ending treasure hunt. And by treasure hunt, I clearly mean searching for the one hidden item that can ruin a basketfull of clothes.
1.) lip balm. Leaves traces of oil spots on any item you relatively like to wear.

2.) tissues. Shreds and clings to every millimeter of fleece or fleece-like fabric. (pajamas.)

3.) stickers. A mothers ultimate nemisis. Once a sticker is washed and dried on fabric, just go right ahead and cut your losses. Although I have read many techniques for removing this type of residue, I cannot defeat it.

Today my sarcastic treasure hunt lead me to find the above. A sleeper with bandaids. Bandaids which were never used on any real cuts or scrapes. They were intentionally placed on top of the jammies.


So, the next time im taking a shower at midnight and slice open my ankle with my razor…there will be none of the bandaids I purchased.

Just. Fantastic.


Twice Born-PBS April 15, 2015

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Watching “Twice Born–Stories from the special delivery unit” on PBS. This is a show that makes me smile, cry, and makes my stomach churn with empathy. Its amazing to me that they do these procedures in Philadelphia. Families comes from every end of the earth to possibly be a canidate. This series is terrifying and yet these heros are regular, normal women. These heros are mothers. Mothers in a horrifying position and continuing to have complete and absolute blind love.


Boys club. March 14, 2015

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Welcome to the “living with more than one little boy” club. We smell, since we only get to shower at midnight and sometimes you choose sleep over being clean. Our cars and beds are filled with trains and play tools. And we live every single second with enough humor to make it past whatever they are currently wrecking. But, we will be the first to hug you or lend a hand without being prompted. We are a tight group, but will accept you with open arms and a laugh.


Not a mis-pin. February 27, 2015

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I recently pinned this to my “bucket list” board. Someone suggested it was a simple mix up and told me in case i wanted to find it later. This was no mistake, friends. I so badly want to help create a world that would reach out and help MY babies if they were in need. Helping someone who cannot repay you (in monetary form or otherwise) is a gift you give from your soul TO the deepest depths of someone you may never know.

Paying it forward is my lifestyle. Want to help?


Simply Fair Skin Care :: exceptional skin care with a conscious. February 16, 2015

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simply fair skin care

Simply Fair Skin Care                                                                                                                 

I would like to introduce a skin care line to you. As prestigious and effective as the most coveted designer brands, with a heart full of virtues. This is Simply Fair Skin Care.

Does your skin care openly share exactly where they source ingredients?

Does your skin care use ingredients that are the highest quality, they set the standards in the industry?

Does your skin care allocate any profits to the communities who produce their ingredients?

Simply Fair does all of these. And so much more. 

Over the next few posts I would like to present each product in the Simply Fair line. I want you to have a “Knowledge is power” additude.

Once you have this knowledge, there is no turning back.


Moo-dela January 29, 2015

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There is a Disney TV show my boys like to watch, Sheriff Callie. In this town where they reside, there is a cow who runs the local saloon (of sorts). Only, at this saloon, she only serves milk. This part has me puzzled. Is this milk we are left to assume is hers? Is it brought in on cartoon conestoga wagons? We never find out. Are you now wondering the same thing i am? My imagination is creating some pretty funny “back room” scenes….perhaps a Medela (moo-dela?!) pump…. So basically what we have here is a (GASP!) breastmilk cafe…? Any thoughts?



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