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Mamas beauty tip April 17, 2013

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Got 3 minutes to shave your legs? Let me just offer up the tidbit. If you exfoliate first and shave second, those legs (or armpits) will be smoother longer. Who wouldn’t love that? I simply wet some body gloves, the body shop and even dollar tree sell them!  And pull them on my hands and rub my legs and armpits then lather up and shave. I have found the results are significantly different than not exfoliating first. I’m sure you’re sitting there thinking I’m probably some naturally hairless leg model like in the shave cream commercials. I ASSURE YOU I AM NOT! I am a mama with time for a 3 minute shave every few days. This really works for me and I hope it really works for you too. Let me know… 🙂


One Response to “Mamas beauty tip”

  1. I am going to send you a sample of our Pink Papaya Sculpting Scrub that is perfect for this. I actually recommend using before shaving because it helps you get a closer shave. It also helps reduce the signs of stretch marks, cleans sticky fingers/hands, can be added to a facial cleanser for an instant exfoliant and helps fight cellulite all at once!!

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