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Galactagogue! A word you should know and an awesome recipe! July 6, 2013

Filed under: Breastfeeding Bliss,DIY,Posts,Recipes — meanttobeamama @ 4:55 pm

Just made the easiest recipe!!!! I was gifted an adorable mini gingerbread man silicone pan, so I just HAD to make something in it today! I smashed two ripe bananas and mixed in 3 packets of regular (unflavored) quick cooking oatmeal. Then I packed them into the little gingies and baked at 350* for 13 minutes. We have a gas oven so times may differ. VOILA!!!! “Cookies” that are secretly healthy. Here’s the BEST PART…oatmeal is considered a galatctagogue. NEW WORD FOR YOUR VOCABULARY!!! Galactagogue is something that promotes lactation. BAM! Why pay for cookies/bars that help you make more milk when you already have the two ingredients in your kitchen?!?!

P.S. let me know how your super healthy cookies turn out!

P.P.S. you could totally add in anything your heart desires. Such as coconut, chocolate chips, raisins, apple chunks, etc.


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