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BabyGanics pure mineral sunscreen review July 12, 2013

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Are you searching for the perfect sunscreen for this July heat wave? BabyGanics makes my FAVORITE sunscreen, and it’s not just for babies! My family has very sensitive, eczema patchy skin. This Pure Mineral sunscreen is the only one we use. I use it on both kids and myself! If I don’t put sunscreen on my face, I’m lobster red in no time. Now, you know me, I’m an obsessive label reader so here’s the low down on the ingredients:

NO chemical sunscreen


NO parabens

NO sulfates

NO phthalates

NO nano-particles

NO fragrances

That’s a pretty rockin’ list of “no’s” if you ask me! But why are these “no’s” so important you ask? Let me explain, what you put ON your body goes IN your body. Your body products are just as important as the food you eat. Skin is our largest organ, it’s our first layer of defense against the world around us. By using products that don’t contain these chemicals you are protecting yourself and your family. If you research those chemicals on the BabyGanics “no” list, you can find that many sunscreens continue to use them! Can you believe that? Are you starting to look at that sunscreen from last summer a bit differently now? BabyGanics has made a sunscreen that is still nice and creamy, rubs in easily, and minus all the yuckies. How awesome is that? You can learn more at


One Response to “BabyGanics pure mineral sunscreen review”

  1. Shannon sasseville Says:

    We love BabyGanics!

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