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Oodles of colored noodles July 16, 2013

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Today in Ohio it’s hot. Really super duper hot. So I was on Pinterest searching ideas of indoor activities. I decided on food coloring pasta for lunch. “Waaaaaaait a minute..” You’re sayingI I know, I know! I know how awful food coloring is for our bodies and the affect it can have on personalities. But, it was quite fun and my three year old LOVED it. So you are just going to have to allow me to have a bad mommy moment. You could totally do this recipe with natural and food based dyes instead.

ImageBoil water and cook pasta (ANY SHAPE OR EVEN MIX SHAPES!)

Rinse pasta in cold water in sieve

Put about half a cup of warm water in a sandwich bag and add drops of food coloring, the more you add the more saturated the color will become on the pasta.

Add pasta to these bags, seal with the zipper after smashing out the air

Smush the pasta around in the colored water and let sit. We only let ours sit about 3-5 minutes, that’s the longest my son could wait!

Then rinse each color with cold water in the sieve again

Serve or use for a pasta dish (spaghetti, pasta salad, etc.)


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