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“Thank you for breastfeeding!” July 26, 2013

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I had the most incredible experience yesterday. My grandmother is in town and she, I, hubby and the kids went lunch together. We had finished lunch, hubby, my grand mother and the three year old went to pay. I was packing the baby into the carseat and putting away the toys into the diaper bag. When I heard across from me, “Miss…..” And a wave. I walked over with the baby and asked if she needed something I could help with. “Thank you for breastfeeding…I breastfed both my children.” I was quite surprised someone had noticed I had nursed the baby while we were eating, since I had used my new nursing cover made by a close friend. I told her thank you for stopping me to say that, since I am always the one to stop a mother who is breastfeeding. I told her I think it’s like a mom version of “paying it forward”. A compliment to a mother, new or experienced, can completely alter your day. Or week. Or dare I say, life. I introduced myself and told her I am a La Leche League leader in training because of how passionate I am when it comes to supporting breastfeeding mothers. I URGE you, the next time you are out and about, if you see a breastfeeding mother, stop her. Tell her “Thank you for breastfeeding, you are doing a good job as a mom.” I bet you a quadrillion (technical terms here at meanttobeamama!) dollars her face lights up and she thanks you. How do we get more breast feeding mamas? Simple. You must BE the change you wish to SEE in the world. Support. Even as a stranger, can make a world of difference. (LOL did you see what I did there? world of difference.)


3 Responses to ““Thank you for breastfeeding!””

  1. April Says:

    LOVE THIS! I love hearing atta-girl stories!

  2. April Says:

    Happy birthday! Hope you have a great day!

  3. I always try to encourage mothers I see nursing. It’s so awesome you got positive reinforcement on your special day with Grandma!

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