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Breast milk for cancer patients…? August 2, 2013

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You all know how my brain works, a bit whimsical but extremely practical. So yesterday I was nursing my littlest and was thinking of putting breast milk on his head since it appears to have a bit of cradle cap. Breast milk is an incredible solution for so many issues so why stop there? It helped my first sons eczema patches, it’s the reason nursing infants don’t get chapped lips, it’s rumored to be good for eye infections (thanks to miss April!). So why oh why don’t we give it to adults with horrible cancers and diseases? Seriously. If my milk keeps my infant from getting most colds due to immunity boosters then why not give it to radiation patients with a diminished immune system? If the stem cells in my milk help my infant why wouldn’t it help a sick adult? If getting enough donors is the real issue here,then I have a solution. ADVERTISE THAT DONATING BREAST MILK COULD BE THE SOLUTION TO YOUR MOTHERS BREAST CANCER OR YOUR GRANDFATHERS HEART DISEASE! I bet milk banks would suddenly have new donors. The more I consider this, the more I wonder why I have not heard of studies done and research data. I can’t be the only one who thinks this is an incredible idea, right? What if cancer had a cure?


2 Responses to “Breast milk for cancer patients…?”

  1. Shannon sasseville Says:

    Breast milk is AMAZING! It has SO many uses. I recently read a story of a baby who had previously been formula fed. The baby had a traumatic brain injury, and was given no chance of survival. The family who was desperate started doing research about things that may help. They stumbled upon breast milk. After getting approval from the hospital to try the family started giving the baby breast milk in the tube feed. Guess what happened? The babies brain began to heal! The little one still has a long way to go, but is doing amazing!!!

  2. April Says:

    I used breast milk on my daughter’s blocked tear duct. It worked like a charm. Breast milk is awesome!!

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