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I breathe you in August 5, 2013

Filed under: Breastfeeding Bliss,Posts — meanttobeamama @ 3:36 pm

The scent of a warm, sleepy baby that snuggles in closer, seems to cure many ailments. The tiny breath puffed through a tiny mouth with small bits of an unknown language. The wriggling to find another cozy niche on my shoulder and the side of my neck. The scent of my infant is intoxicating to me. I could not feel more love than I do in this moment. There will be a day, I hope not soon, when you choose to not snuggle to sleep. That is why I cherish these minutes this way. That is why I breathe you in so deeply.


One Response to “I breathe you in”

  1. April Says:

    I agree!

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