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infantino fresh squeezed station review! August 17, 2013

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I got to review the amazing fresh squeezed station from Infantino. A few reasons why I love it so much…

  • Your own ingredients. Organic, from your garden, or without an allergen if your family has allergies to something like dairy, gluten, etc.
  • you control the sugar content. I personally don’t add any sugar, just fruit and veggies straight up!
  • Non-pasturized. This may not be a big deal to you, but anytime I can give my babies something that hasn’t be processed by a machine I do. All I do is blend and freeze.
  • Portion size. If your little one doesn’t eat an entire pouch you bought, it’s a waste of money. You have control over how much you pour into each pouch. I make some full and some with less that way I can grab one that fits our day.


I LOVE LOVE LOVE this station! I am positive you will too!


These are pouches I’ve made with a pint of fresh blueberries, two cups of frozen peaches, and a cup of orange juice. It’s really fun coming up with combinations.

You can find out more and get your own at


4 Responses to “infantino fresh squeezed station review!”

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  2. Shannon sasseville Says:

    Awesome!!! That has to be super cool! I would love to try these!

  3. Where do you buy the pouches and how do you get them cleaned after each use??

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