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BabyGanics Rear Gear chlorine free diapers review August 24, 2013

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BabyGanics sent me a package of Rear Gear chlorine free ultra absorbent diapers.


First off let me say, these disposable diapers TOTALLY ROCK!!! They absorb just as much as other disposable diapers but without the long list of toxins and chemicals. Ew, chemicals and toxins, just what you want up against your baby all day everyday for years. As you can see in the picture BabyGanics has created a NeoNourish complex. It’s a 100% natural antioxidant seed oil complex that supplements baby’s natural skin defenses. Does your “other” disposable diaper do that?!

As always, these come with a list of NOT included ingredients.

  • No toxins
  • No latex
  • No petroleum based lotions or fragrances

They ARE made with

  • Natural and renewable resources
  • Plant based absorbent

As a mom I look for a few things I hate to do without in a disposable diaper. Large side and fastener tabs, absorbency, and softness. Rear Gear met and exceeded all of my expectations. I would honestly recommend these to anyone and everyone. Seriously, I love these diapers.

You can find out more at


One Response to “BabyGanics Rear Gear chlorine free diapers review”

  1. It’s a shame you have to read the labels of diapers and make sure they’re free of toxins in the first place. Glad you enjoyed them.

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