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Baby-wearing, it’s a family thing… October 1, 2013

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Let me start off by saying, my mummy wore all three of us kids. She favored the good ole’ ring sling. I specifically remember when my brother was an infant and she was wearing him in a light blue sling around sesame place. It’s funny the little things you remember. Now, I wear my babies. And one of my babies is old enough to want to imitate that behavior. a very proud mama moment each time he asks for his snuggle sling and carefully puts the glow worm or curious George in it. I must confess, I LOVE BABY-WEARING!!! (Yes, I think it’s worthy of that many exclamation points.) I love pulling out my wrap, sling, or Mai tai in the store, picking up the screaming baby, wrapping him up, watching everyone’s faces in the store as he immiedetly stops screaming and falls asleep. I love it. It never gets old. Honestly, if I were in my hometown no one would even look up. Baby-wearing is so much more accepted as the norm. Here, far far far less families wear their children. I see many more strollers and car seat carriers here. I’m not some hippie, I just love baby-wearing, breastfeeding, and co-sleeping. Well, if that makes me a hippie, then I accept. But I’m probably snuggling my babies more than you. Naner Naner boo boo! :p 



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