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BabyGanics The Grime Fighter review October 6, 2013

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I was given the opportunity to review BabyGanics The Grime Fighter. I put it up against some of my toughest grimy situations. I would NEVER lie about this, it passed with flying colors. Seriously. October means another candy season. That entails lollipops, caramels, and chocolates. My three year old opened one of each of these, ate part and left the other on my counter. Lovely. I find them melted to my countertop after an hour at the grocery store. What do you use to clean sticky and gooey candy off a place where we prepare food? Something safe. Something non-toxic. Something you don’t need to rinse or wash off after cleaning with. (Did you know after you use most commercial wipes and cleaners you should rinse or wash the surface with warm water?) Dont worry, most people don’t know that either since the companies don’t want you to know its toxic. ENTER THE GRIME FIGHTER!!!! This all purpose cleaner is completely non-toxic. It’s ingredients and in plain English, meaning anyone can understand every single ingredient. Wondering about the safety Info? Of course you are. It says: “BabyGanics isn’t meant to be consumed but things happen so relax- it’s not poisonous. No kidding though, if you swallow it, drink plenty of water. Be safe. Keep your cleaning products out of reach of children and pets.” None of that says hurry up and call 911 or induce vomiting etc. That’s because BabyGanics is developed by two dads. They invent and create EVERY product to be safe and effective. That lollipop, caramel, chocolate goo on my counter? I sprayed it on and wiped it off. Honestly. I dare you to google the ingredients in the all purpose cleaner under your sink. I’m wondering how long it takes you to give up your chemical laden wipes and spray. Only as long as it takes to google the first three ingredients. You can find out more and get your own at


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