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“In my next life…” January 15, 2014

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In my “next life” I aspire to be a doula. I mean that as in, life with older children. I really believe that is my calling in life. Quite literally to assist a laboring mother as she births her infant. To witness such an ever present miracle. A woman can create a person with her body, then birth that person with her body, and nourish that person with her body. I wish more people were as awe struck with that sequence. It is amazing in the truest sense of the word


Whats your “next life” plan? 



3 Responses to ““In my next life…””

  1. Love it! My next life plan is to teach breastfeeding classes, consult new moms, and school my children!

  2. mystikafaith Says:

    My plan for my ‘next life’ is the same as yours! In a past life, I trained to become a midwife but abandoned it for my current life of full time mommyhood. Both are quite rewarding professions!

  3. Ramona Says:

    I want to be a Neonatal nurse, possibly a midwife or OB nurse, lactation consultant, childbirth educator, placenta encapsulator….basically a baby assistant….in ALL phases. 😀 And hey, maybe I’ll do the doula thing one day! AND I want to teach others how to be those things…

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