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Dairy, cow breastmilk. February 21, 2014

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While at the grocery store the other day, I overheard a conversation. “Well, you know, I am lactose intolerant…although I still love a big glass of milk with my doughnuts…” (Okay stop thinking about doughnuts for one second. It’s hard I know.) I was more than tempted to step in and impart some crunchy mama wisdom but I refrained. Cows milk is made for calves. Not humans. So technically every human is lactose intolerant when it comes to dairy. While it does makes some tasty food, we aren’t supposed to be ingesting it, certainly not in the mass quantities we do. Human milk for human babies, cows milk for calves. In a society where breastfeeding should be a “covered” affair, and nursing past the first birthday is taboo, we certainly love our bovine breastmilk. Every store sells it by the gallons. For real? If I put my milk in a gallon jug and tried to pour it on your cereal or made ice cream out of it wouldn’t you look at me like I was nuts?! I certainly couldn’t sell in the the grocery store. People would be aghast! (This is not the time to talk about black market sales of breastmilk.) Is ice cream tasty? Yes, a big whopping yes. Oh, but if I made ice cream or a fancy gelato with my milk (which is actually bioidentical to our human bodies and much easier to digest) you would scoff at even trying a tiny spoonful. A “catch 22” I believe…


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