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Choose love. March 13, 2014

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It’s easy to get lost in the day-to-day, tantrums, and mountains of laundry. It’s easy to say “please go play, my head aches…” It’s easy to get frustrated when you are still in yesterday’s yoga pants. What’s not easy is to be thankful. In that moment we are quick to sigh. Quick to ohmygosh again. In that moment it’s tough to remember the blessing of little feet pitter-patting down the hall, chasing the dog and the cat. 

I am thankful for my mountain of needing to be folded, still in the basket, laundry. It means my babies were with me another day in paradise. (Also known as the house.) 

I am thankful for babies who want to always play. Even though Mama is pretty useless when a migraine strikes.

I am thankful for days so full, I wake in the middle of the night and realize I’m still in yesterday’s yoga pants.

I am thankful. 

choose to be thankful. These blessings I call my babies, are not a blessing everyone receives. No one is guaranteed joyful morning snuggles or the smell of sweet, oh so sweet milk breath.

In the moment of “child meltdown number six and it’s only ten am..” It is easy to throw our hands in the air. Please choose to be grateful. There are those that would surrender everything to have five more minutes with their blessing(s). What you choose matters. Choose to cherish each babe. Breathe in their sweet scent. Stroke their peach fuzz heads. Tell them you love them unconditionally. Choose love.




2 Responses to “Choose love.”

  1. daffodilmom Says:

    Tears. My daughter has grown into a beautiful young mother, with my own thoughts and words in her dreams. I am so proud. Now MY mountains of laundry are gone, but sweet memories of her little feet pitter pattering down the halls will always live on in my mind. I love you honey. Always have. Always will.

  2. Megan Tietz Says:

    What a sweet picture. And you are so right – love is a choice. Thanks for this.

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