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Knix Wear. Fashion. Function. Fit. June 13, 2014

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Did you see that? And by that I mean the gorgeous underwear. This gorgeous underwear is also, (sit down, ladies.) functional. I KNOW! I know. The sumptuous lace of those boy shorts rivals the finest Parisian boutiques. Seriously. And there’s more… Oh my word y’all. It has a gusset that contains confidence.

Knock, knock.

who is there?

Fresh Fix Technology.

  No moisture. No odor. No panty lines. To me, that means no more panty liners. No more choosing between comfortable and lines. Let’s be honest. How many pairs of underwear do we own? Now, how many do we actually wear? I’m guilty of owning a ridiculous amount but only wearing a percentage of them. Why is that? Some are cut well for our body shape and so comfortable. Some don’t show under our tightest yoga pants. And others indulge us in our naughty side.

You can have all that in one lovely panty.

For real? For real! The stretch is made for real women curves. Check out the Real Women In Knix page. None of those are photoshopped. That’s when you know a company is committed to being innovative. It’s time for an underwear revolution. Who is with me?






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