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Lets set the record straight… September 4, 2014

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  • Fruit cocktail, as well as other fruits canned in syrup, does not count as fruit. Why? For the same/less than amount of sugar and calories you could eat a snickers bar and (gasp!) a real piece of fruit. 
  • Juice cocktail is not actual juice. It may or may not contain real juice. As in, from real fruit. 
  • “Natural flavoring” could be almost anything. Undisclosed flavors…hmmm. Natural flavors may or may not be something tasty. Such as but not limited to, coal, hay, pond water, in-between-boob-sweat, ferrets, etc.
  • If breastfeeding offends you, im going to guess your own mother did not breastfeed you. I feel bad for your immune system. And also your IQ. 
  • Drinking diet soda with all those chemical sweeteners isnt saving you any calories. Or the way your body processes those sugar replacements. 
  • Have anything to add? I will add to this rant list as necessary. lol

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