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beyond concerned October 17, 2014

Filed under: Posts — meanttobeamama @ 2:22 pm

i have to be honest… this fiasco is almost unbelieveable. seriously CDC?! you have one job! you are disease control and the bearers of disease knowledge. for real. im not one for living in fear, but this goes on our list of reasons to homeschool and have a stay at home parent. i can think of 20 ways to impliment a quarintine and boundries just off the top of my head! apparently, our ideas of quarintine are quite different. i know your shady friends at the FDA often like to bend and stretch the regulations based on what company is paying. we are talking about a disease that could literally start a plague. A PLAGUE. im not a medical professional, however, i am a mother of small children who may or may not have the ability to fight off an erradicating disease like such. im beyond concerned. do not doubt the power of mothers banding together. i am not a lemming.


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