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poop monsoon & syrup lagoon. November 23, 2014

Filed under: Posts — meanttobeamama @ 10:32 pm

If you happen to slice open your right index finger, while drying the snowcone maker, undoubtably two things will happen.

  1. The littlest will have a poop explosion. Even though it has been weeks since the last one, suddenly he will have enough in his digestive system to saturate the diaper and pajamas.
  2. The oldest will spill the entire contents of the snowcone cup on the floor. This includes the extra snowcone syrup he demanded it be covered in.

So, while I’m standing at the sink trying not to let on that my finger has a GASH instead of the slice I orginally saw… I am now also thinking I have to bandage quickly so I can clean up the poop monsoon and the syrup lagoon. I hope your evening went better than ours…Can you hear me rolling my eyes? No pictures necessary for this post.


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