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Not a mis-pin. February 27, 2015

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I recently pinned this to my “bucket list” board. Someone suggested it was a simple mix up and told me in case i wanted to find it later. This was no mistake, friends. I so badly want to help create a world that would reach out and help MY babies if they were in need. Helping someone who cannot repay you (in monetary form or otherwise) is a gift you give from your soul TO the deepest depths of someone you may never know.

Paying it forward is my lifestyle. Want to help?


One Response to “Not a mis-pin.”

  1. kaleb423 Says:

    That’s awesome! I think I’ll try out some of these ideas to add to my pay it forward section of my bucket list. Giving back to someone is the greatest feeling in the world and I can’t wait to share my experiences on my blog. Hopefully I can put my list on my blog soon. Great post!

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