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Boys club. March 14, 2015

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Welcome to the “living with more than one little boy” club. We smell, since we only get to shower at midnight and sometimes you choose sleep over being clean. Our cars and beds are filled with trains and play tools. And we live every single second with enough humor to make it past whatever they are currently wrecking. But, we will be the first to hug you or lend a hand without being prompted. We are a tight group, but will accept you with open arms and a laugh.


2 Responses to “Boys club.”

  1. I love being part of the boys’ club. I am endlessly excited (and maybe a tad insane) about chaos and noise and dirt and loud voices and mud puddles and living room wrestling and allll of the things that come with raising boys. I always dreamt of being a mom of all boys the way my mother in law was and I’m so excited for the chaotic life that is about to become mine! Thanks for the lovely welcome into the fray 🙂

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