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Laundry treasure hunt. April 23, 2015

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Laundry is a constant and never ceasing battle in a house with children. It also seems to be a never ending treasure hunt. And by treasure hunt, I clearly mean searching for the one hidden item that can ruin a basketfull of clothes.
1.) lip balm. Leaves traces of oil spots on any item you relatively like to wear.

2.) tissues. Shreds and clings to every millimeter of fleece or fleece-like fabric. (pajamas.)

3.) stickers. A mothers ultimate nemisis. Once a sticker is washed and dried on fabric, just go right ahead and cut your losses. Although I have read many techniques for removing this type of residue, I cannot defeat it.

Today my sarcastic treasure hunt lead me to find the above. A sleeper with bandaids. Bandaids which were never used on any real cuts or scrapes. They were intentionally placed on top of the jammies.


So, the next time im taking a shower at midnight and slice open my ankle with my razor…there will be none of the bandaids I purchased.

Just. Fantastic.


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