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Where have I been? Here’s a slow update. September 20, 2015

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     Hot. It’s been a hot summer here in the OH and IO. We have this incredible technology called air conditioning. There are many things I can happily live without, but I love me some air conditioning. Now that fall is starting to come around more frequently, Im able to leave the house and not be instantly grouchy. Today was a beautiful day to be a buckeye.


Speaking of buckeyes, see this shirt? It’s from a rockin company. (aforementioned rockin clothing company). If you order or stop by their facebook page, tell Caleb that Caitlin sent you.


I have been cooking and baking a lot. A lot. It makes me happy. I created my very first roasted butternut squash dish. I also recently baked my first eggplant parmesean. The above photo is extra large snickerdoodles. My best friend suggested they look like tortise shells, and I have to agree. They do not taste like tortise shells thankfully. They taste divine.


Im going to leave you with a bit of co-sleeping/bed-sharing humor from yours truly. This seems rather accurate wether you have boys/girls/both. A crib that is side-carred to your bed. Empty of course. One child whose feet are on your chest or touching your face. That same child or other child may be clothed or completely unclothed. One child who is sleeping horozontally across all pillows. An adult who is so desperate to sleep, they sleep balancing on the edge of the king sized bed, nowhere near the pillows.

This is our life.


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