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Rut. January 13, 2016

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I’m stuck. Totally stuck. I’m in this never ending battle of disliking my own body and trying to convince other mothers to love and embrace theirs. I’m constantly supporting and lovingly guiding mothers to make peace with their postpartum body. Trying to show them that their version of beauty IS, in fact, beautiful. That they embody a miracle machine that is fertility. I guess what I’m doing is searching for what I need to be at peace with my own body. But the truth is, if I didn’t like my body before motherhood, how in the world could I love it after? I could not list off one thing that I love about my own body. But give me one paper and I will fill it with things I think you should love about you.


One Response to “Rut.”

  1. Lanie Says:

    One of the hardest thing a woman does in life is learn to treat herself as well as she treats her lived ones.

    Know what I love about your body? It transports your soul, your personality, and your laugh. What more could you want?

    See you at SI!

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