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Rut. January 13, 2016

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I’m stuck. Totally stuck. I’m in this never ending battle of disliking my own body and trying to convince other mothers to love and embrace theirs. I’m constantly supporting and lovingly guiding mothers to make peace with their postpartum body. Trying to show them that their version of beauty IS, in fact, beautiful. That they embody a miracle machine that is fertility. I guess what I’m doing is searching for what I need to be at peace with my own body. But the truth is, if I didn’t like my body before motherhood, how in the world could I love it after? I could not list off one thing that I love about my own body. But give me one paper and I will fill it with things I think you should love about you.


This video has me in tears of joy. November 28, 2015

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This video has me in straight up tears. Seriously. Our bodies are incredible. We are heavenly bodies full of creation materials. They endlessly astound me in ways I could never predict. Take a moment to appreciate and be in full gratitude of your own body.


Biology nerd. November 20, 2015

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This article brings me to beautiful tears each time. The combination of science and experience is beautiful. Im a biology and sociology nerd, so this is right up my alley. I thought you all may love it just as much as I do. Impress your friends and family with just how fantastic our bodies are!


Tread carefully… November 16, 2015

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Tread carefully ISIS, Washington DC can hear you.



A guided meditation for a mama like me October 16, 2015

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This actually helped me a lot. Im embarassed to tell you how much. I needed this while in labor. Fo’ reals. Let that shit go.


Where have I been? Here’s a slow update. September 20, 2015

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     Hot. It’s been a hot summer here in the OH and IO. We have this incredible technology called air conditioning. There are many things I can happily live without, but I love me some air conditioning. Now that fall is starting to come around more frequently, Im able to leave the house and not be instantly grouchy. Today was a beautiful day to be a buckeye.


Speaking of buckeyes, see this shirt? It’s from a rockin company. (aforementioned rockin clothing company). If you order or stop by their facebook page, tell Caleb that Caitlin sent you.


I have been cooking and baking a lot. A lot. It makes me happy. I created my very first roasted butternut squash dish. I also recently baked my first eggplant parmesean. The above photo is extra large snickerdoodles. My best friend suggested they look like tortise shells, and I have to agree. They do not taste like tortise shells thankfully. They taste divine.


Im going to leave you with a bit of co-sleeping/bed-sharing humor from yours truly. This seems rather accurate wether you have boys/girls/both. A crib that is side-carred to your bed. Empty of course. One child whose feet are on your chest or touching your face. That same child or other child may be clothed or completely unclothed. One child who is sleeping horozontally across all pillows. An adult who is so desperate to sleep, they sleep balancing on the edge of the king sized bed, nowhere near the pillows.

This is our life.


Suffering from a chocolate attack. August 5, 2015

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I am currently suffering a chocolate attack. Thats what we call it in our house when you cant think of One. Single. Thing. Except. Chocolate.

Are you still with me on this journey of suffering?

So I began looking for recipes for chocolate bakes with limited ingredients.
(Pinterest, of course.)

I found what is called “wacky cake” or “crazy cake” or even “depression cake”.

This is the recipe I used.

Repeat after me…
Chocolate cake. Easy chocolate cake. Rediculously simple chocolate cake. I will now go bake my own.