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First foods, not rice cereal. November 17, 2013


After many years of research and reading the FDA’s spread sheets of information I feel like I have made a good decision about “infant cereal”. Not only is it a non-nutritive food, the “iron enriching” they put in it isn’t even absorbed by their bodies almost at all. While it has been used as a first food for countless years I just don’t believe it’s a good first food. Popularity doesn’t equal nutrition. Not to mention, like many other “white” foods almost immediately after being consumed it becomes straight sugar in the stomach. If you wouldn’t feed your baby a spoonful of white refined sugar why give them white refined rice cereal? When an adult eats “white” refined foods the same thing happens.  I can hear many people opposing me, saying they have “given it to their children and they turned out just fine”.  Well, we also eat millions of pounds of fast food each year and that isn’t exactly an excellent nutrition choice. There is a reason we are an obese nation. Why aren’t we looking at the first foods as a preventive of this? An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Breastfeeding can lower your baby’s (and mothers!) risk of childhood and adult onset diabetes, obesity, and cancers. Before formula and rice cereal, there was breast milk and whole foods. Popularity doesn’t equal nutrition. I choose bananas, beans, avocados, pumpkin, carrots, etc for our babies. Just saying. As always my opinion is mine and everyone is entitled to a different one.