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Why do mom’s like iced coffee? November 27, 2017

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Q: Why do mom’s like iced coffee?

A: Their coffee at home always gets cold before they can drink it. Iced coffee is supposed to be cold, lessening the “I haven’t even been able to drink a hot cup of damn coffee today!” 


Building your village June 15, 2017

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I read this article.

I have an idea. Bear with me, it’s a simple one. Let’s commit to laughing MORE. Let’s speak kinder words to our kids, husband’s, and friends. Let’s commit to smiling at people we don’t know who are passing by. Let’s say hello to ALL mothers we see at the playground. Let’s reach out an “I’ve been there” to the mother whose child is a limp noodle and screaming on the ground. It’s a small and simple idea, but I truly believe once you make the commitment to building a village everywhere you go, it becomes part of you.


Story to tell. April 1, 2017

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I wrote this today. To a family still dealing with the nightmares of prematurity. It occurred to me that more than just this one family needed to hear this.


Someone needs to be saying this to these families. To these parents. This will be the story of your uprising. The story of your fierceness, exposed. This is when you realize what truly matters. How, this teeny tiny person has changed your entire life, and what you thought you knew about love. When I think back on the me I was becoming, sitting in the NICU, Staring into an isolette…i didn’t know then. I didn’t know how I would fight without allies. How I would rally with my husband to fight tooth and nail. To go against physicians in the name of Medicine Vs. Nature.

It has become our story to tell.

I see you down. On bended knees.


This is your story to be told. You are still living it. Live it so fully that when you tell it later, you will help create the next uprising.

Be the fiercest mama bear. The Mother Nature to challenge science. Cry all the tears. Cheer on the littlest joys. Tell your story. You don’t know me, but I see myself inside you.



A worthwhile endeavor March 26, 2017

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You know, I have to say, I feel all alone in this fight sometimes. Fighting constantly is exhausting but it’s nice to come here an see others fighting and waging a war in the same ways. Sliding brochures into magazine racks, taking all the formula “coupons” that are really advertisements, reaching out to any parent or pregnant woman. Speaking about donor milk every chance I get. I have SO much excitement and encouragement to give, but I get burned out. I literally cannot help everyone or save every baby. That’s why I’m here. I’m not an IBCLC, CLC, or even a birth worker (Yet!). I’m just a mom who is a fierce advocate for breastfeeding support and breastmilk. Your support in return makes this a worthwhile endeavor.


A reintroduction. February 21, 2017

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Let me introduce myself! I’m Caitlin. I’m married to a man who supports my crazy crunchy ways. We have a 6yr old and a 3 yr old. Both are boys. I’m currently expecting baby number three, because I’m a whole other level of crazy. I’m heavily involved in my local La Leche League and other mother centered groups in my area. My best friend is a bereavement Doula who specializes in fatal diagnosis during and after pregnancy. My mother breastfed all three of my siblings and myself. She was also a La Leche League leader. I breastfed both of my children. My second baby was born at 34w 5d. That’s 6 full weeks premature. Because of breast milk, we spent a mere 9 days in the NICU. To be honest, every day in the NICU feels like eternity. I had to fight as the fiercest mama bear to breastfeed him and won of course. It became my soul’s truest calling to advocate breast milk for every baby and every family. I want to inspire the fierceness in every family to provide breast milk and make it the norm.


101 reasons to breastfeed February 15, 2017

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Here is a list of 101 reasons to breastfeeding in case you needed 100 extras.



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